About us

EmbeddedArt consists of approximately 35 employees across two offices in Stockholm and Karlskrona. We operate on two fronts, with one specializing in defence and the other in the civilian market. This dual focus provides stability and flexibility. If there is increased demand in one area, we can easily shift our focus, making us more competitive and less vulnerable to economic downturns or market fluctuations.

Our work involves assignments at client locations as well as projects at our offices. We engage in pure product development projects and provide support with specialist expertise.

In 2023, we were honored to be recognized as a Gazelle Company, an achievement that we take great pride in!

Our core values

Since the inception of EmbeddedArt, we have always placed a high value on building long-term and strong relationships. It is through this approach that we have managed to grow at a steady pace and become the company we are today.

Engaging in our clients' operations, understanding their true pain points, and identifying where we can step in and provide support are what we do best. We always strive to comprehend the end-user and the genuine needs, ensuring that our deliveries truly create value.
Like many others, we recognize that as a society, we face numerous challenges, some more significant and critical than ever before. At EmbeddedArt, we won't solve these problems alone. However, we assist companies and authorities that are addressing these challenges. By supporting our clients and partners with expert consultants, products, and systems, we enable their work to be carried out better and more efficiently, towards a safer and better future.

Work/Life Balance

When considering new assignments, the consultant is involved in the discussion from the beginning. We discuss commute times, assignment duration, and content. There are no 'forced assignments.' It is essential for us to ensure that the overall arrangement works well, allowing the employee to strike a good balance between work and personal life.
We have a policy regarding on-site/remote work that focuses on where the employee, the client, and our organization function best. We encourage our employees on assignments to occasionally work at the office. We have regular consultant meetings and activities that are usually highly appreciated.