Two areas we are particularly passionate about are innovation and research, especially when it contributes to making the world safer and reduces environmental impact.

Through our collaborations with KTH, BTH, and FOI, we have supported the development of advanced testing equipment and prototypes. In several projects, we have developed underwater systems used by researchers in their studies. Additionally, we have supported student projects with access to workshops, pressure tanks, and expertise.

EmbeddedArt has led and participated in several innovative development projects. Some of these are presented further down on this page. Working at EmbeddedArt can mean having the opportunity to be part of something groundbreaking and develop products that make a difference.
We recruit thesis workers every year, integrating their work as much as possible into our innovation projects.

Johan Backer



​​​​​​​Financing for startups can be both challenging and time-consuming. If there is also a need for development assistance and support, costs can escalate significantly, something we are well aware of.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous start-ups, participating in the product development process from ideation to the finished product. We are open to discussing various financing solutions for product development, such as equity, options, royalties, or other arrangements.
Contact us for a meeting, and let's continue the discussion to find a solution that suits both parties.

Find lost fishing gear

​​​​​EmbeddedArt has developed a Proof of Concept for an echo sounder responder (FindMe) designed to be placed in fishing nets and lobster pots. If the float has come loose or the equipment has drifted away, it can be very difficult and costly for the fisherman to locate it again. This can also have devastating consequences for the environment as the equipment continues to fish, eventually turning into micro and macroplastics. With this innovation, the fisherman activates their echo sounder, and the FindMe device responds with a distinctive echo visible on the screen, allowing the fisherman to locate their lost equipment. A smart way to reduce the amount of new ghost nets and lost lobster pots in the oceans.

Find Ghosnets with AI

By analyzing sonar data with an AI function, large amounts of data can be quickly and efficiently analyzed to identify locations where old fishing nets are located on the seabed. This enables more cost-effective cleanup efforts with lower impact on the seabed environment. A software solution that facilitates the work of cleaning up the oceans.

Connected cows for increased nature grazing

Spåra Farmer is an EU-funded research project in which EmbeddedArt plays a significant role. The product is developed to address the challenge faced by farmers who often spend several hours locating their grazing animals in wooden pastures. With Spåra Farmer, they can locate all the animals instantly. It is a GPS tracker embedded in a collar for cows, which also detects changes in the cow's movements, indicating potential illness or injury. A product that makes it more profitable to have animals on wooden pastures.