EmbeddedArt AB

Kungsholmsgatan 8B
112 27 Stockholm

EmbeddedArt Karlskrona AB

Vallgatan 20
371 30 Karlskrona​​​​​​​

Lars Tegborg, CEO of EmbeddedArt group and Co-founder

Lars is a co-founder of EmbeddedArt and has a background in electronic development, specializing in underwater acoustics and sensor systems. In addition to his role as CEO of the group, he is also involved in companies where EmbeddedArt has ownership.
+4670 982 29 41

Matti Kaikkonen, Chairman, CSO and Co-founder

Matti is a co-founder of EmbeddedArt and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board. He works operationally in the company as the CSO and has extensive experience in sales within embedded systems.
Matti has previously run companies, including a Linux consulting firm that was acquired by a publicly traded company. It was after this experience that they founded EmbeddedArt.
+4676 019 71 11

Eva Billaudel, CFO

Eva has worked as the CFO for many years at EmbeddedArt and has also supported companies where the group has a significant ownership. Previously, Eva ran an accounting firm, and she is currently one of the owners of EmbeddedArt.
+4670 424 71 24

Jörgen Juhlin, CEO EmbeddedArt Karlskrona

Jörgen has extensive experience from the Swedish Navy, where, in addition to operational work, he has been a teacher at the Naval Warfare School in hydroacoustics and sensors.

Since 2013, Jörgen has supported the Swedish defence capability through the business sector and has been the CEO of EmbeddedArt Karlskrona since 2019.
+4673 233 15 56

David Wolff, Defence and underwater tech

David has extensive experience from the Swedish Navy, where, in addition to operational work, he has provided training in submarine hunting. Since 2019, he has led the business areas of defence and underwater technology at EmbeddedArt.
+4673 659 16 17

Mathias Lundberg, Manager, System development and IoT

Mathias joined EmbeddedArt in January 2022, bringing extensive experience in embedded systems from various companies (such as Intel and Enea), roles, industries (telecom, defense, and transport), and countries.

​​​​​​​His main responsibilities include sales, recruitment, and personnel management.
+4679 099 25 46