RISE invests in and buys equipment and technology from EmbeddedArt

EmbeddedArt, in collaboration with the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), today presents an innovative research project. The work aims to improve the welfare of the animals and make farming more efficient through advanced technology.

The project, which starts in June, spans three years and combines expertise in satellite technology and advanced data analysis. RISE invests and buys equipment from EmbeddedArt for SEK 250,000 in connection with the start of the project in June 2024.

In this work, RISE will explore how satellite image data can be used to measure changes in biodiversity. The technology will be tested to find out if it can detect environmental changes in the same way that you can today measure, for example, eutrophication. In the long run, the project can provide increased understanding and capacity to create more sustainable agricultural environments.

EmbeddedArt's wholly-owned subsidiary Spåra will contribute GPS trackers equipped with, among other things, accelerometers and technology that enables farmers to replace physical fences with virtual alternatives, significantly reducing both time and cost of maintenance.

- We chose EmbeddedArt as a partner because they have extensive experience working with research and institutions. They tailor a sensor platform that meets our specific needs, says Per Peez Nielsen, senior researcher at RISE in Ethology and Animal Protection and Sweden's leading expert in Virtual Fences.

- The order from RISE and the upcoming partnership are part of our commitment to integrate high-tech solutions in agriculture. Partly to improve the animals' well-being and also to contribute to a more sustainable agriculture, says Jörgen Eberstein CEO of Spåra. This order from RISE is very gratifying and gives us a great opportunity to grow further in this market and at the same time help create a more environmentally friendly agricultural sector.