EmbeddedArt was founded by experts in software, electronics, and hydroacoustics. Naturally we became a provider of expertise and product development to the Swedish Armed Forces and the defence industry. Today, we are a part of the defense chain, especially within the maritime segment. This is achieved through the products developed and maintained within our organization, as well as through the expert competence we supply to defence companies. Below, we describe some of our products and areas in which we provide the industry with expertise.

David Wolff

Defence/Underwater tech
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Sonar and sensors

Sonars and UV sensors are utilized to detect, among other things, vessels or divers in the water, using both passive and active hydrophones. Developing sonar and UV sensor systems is extremely complex, requiring extensive knowledge in hydroacoustics, sensor systems, signal processing, and electronics. EmbeddedArt is a leading expert in precisely these domains and operates a sonar workshop centrally in Stockholm.

Ship technology - Hull, Electrical, Machinery, Weapon

Working with ship technology on naval vessels is not only complex but also highly rewarding. Our engineers in ship technology support clients during design phases as well as during operation, maintenance, and minor modifications.

Administration, ILS, IT-Security and System safety

These components are extremely vital for a system to be utilized effectively in the Swedish Armed Forces. It requires a functioning logistics chain and must be safe to use from both a system and IT perspective.
ILS is frequently used as an abbreviation in defense contexts, standing for Integrated Logistic Support. ILS ensures the system's capability throughout its lifespan. Our ILS consultants specialize in the maritime sector.
IT-Security and System Security is abot ensuring that the system is safe to use

Communication systems

EmbeddedArt provides expert consultants for requirements analysis, investigations, evaluation of tenders, as well as verification and validation of systems.

Project management

EmbeddedArt has several competent project managers experienced in leading complex technical projects. We possess strong project and product management expertise, especially in the areas of radio, embedded systems, autonomous vehicles, and change management.


Throughout the lifecycle of a system/product, maintenance is an incredibly important task, to uphold the quality and effectiveness of the system/product. Through maintenance agreements, EmbeddedArt sustains several products and systems.

Verification and Validation

Verification and Validation is a critical phase during an acquisition project to ensure that the delivery meets the requirements. By working systematically and employing the right methods, we provide support, especially in the maritime domain, with V&V activities.