Product development is a complex process that many companies struggle with due to a lack of necessary capacity or being burdened by other priorities. We have several partners who have entrusted their product development to us. Together with the customer, we ensure that we have the right specifications and thoroughly understand the problem statement to ensure that the product truly solves the problem. Companies turn to us with needs for electrical products, sensor systems, and if they want to connect devices.
Below, we outline how we approach product development projects and provide an example of a product we have developed.

Mathias Lundberg

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Case: Drowning alarm

EmbeddedArt supported Sentag in the development and production of a drowning alarm. The system is based on a bracelet that monitors the swimmer's behavior, and in the event of a suspected drowning, activates an alarm, signaled acoustically in the pool, which alerts lifeguard personnel.

We are proud to have developed the entire system, from the device to the monitoring panel, contributing to a better working environment in safer swimming pools and adventure pools.
In addition to Sentag, we have supported the Swedish Armed Forces, medtech companies, Colooc, and others in developing products. If you would like more examples, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Product development process

Initiation phase

During the initiation phase, a requirement specification process is conducted in dialogue with the customer to capture the real need. The work can be carried out in various ways and tailored to specific needs, such as technical solution feasibility studies, focus groups, or other methods. The result is a requirements specification.

Additionally, planning work is carried out during this phase, resulting in a project plan that includes at least scheduling, budget, verification plan, and configuration management.

Design phase

During the design phase, a design is developed and tested. We always work practically, emphasizing testing and experimentation to verify design and functionality. Prototypes in various stages are produced and evaluated with the customer before a final design is developed. The design phase concludes when the customer is satisfied with the design and wants to initiate the production project.​​​​​​​


During delivery, we provide all documentation and materials according to the agreement. We then maintain communication with the customer to ensure that the delivery met expectations and offer support if needed.