With the submarine Malen, we offer a variety of services for both civilian and military purposes. The submarine is based in Karlskrona and can be transported, for example, by truck for longer distances. It is operated by 2-5 individuals, and there is significant flexibility regarding onboard equipment, providing extensive opportunities for research, testing, and development.
Below are the services offered in connection with our submarine.

Jörgen Juhlin

CEO EmbeddedArt Karlskrona​​​​​​​
+4673 233 1556

ASW target

With our skilled personnel, Malen can be hired to act as a target vessel, creating realistic submarine hunting exercises against a real submarine. Malen can also be equipped with sound sources to generate alternative sound signatures, enhancing the breadth and depth of the exercises.

Test and research platform

As a Test and Research Platform, Malen can be utilized to test and evaluate sensor systems before procurement for a larger acquisition project. Additionally, Malen can be used for research by integrating new sensors or systems on board.