EmbeddedArt offers services in software and electronic development as well as mechanical design for client assignments or projects conducted in our own facilities. We have in-house tools and systems, including a well-equipped electronics lab and workshop.

Embedded system

Developing embedded systems is an art in itself. The requirements are often very challenging and demanding. Costs must be minimized while ensuring sufficient performance and functionality, all within a size that may seem impossible and with a delivery deadline closer than one dares to think. To solve these types of challenges, extensive experience, expertise, and, above all, innovative capability are required. And that is precisely the core of EmbeddedArt - the art of combining knowledge and experience across multiple domains. Add an understanding of our clients' operations and how the product will be used, and you have what it takes to successfully execute demanding projects.

Mathias Lundberg

+4679 099 2546

Software development

The software development primarily focuses on hardware-related applications, applications, signal processing, and GUI/HMI. At EmbeddedArt, we are well-versed in handling the specific requirements and environment that applies to embedded systems concerning resources, performance, and cost.
EmbeddedArt also has expertise and extensive experience in backend development for administrative and financial systems.

Mechanics and workshop

To succeed in hardware development of new components, we believe it's crucial to have short lead times. Therefore, our mechanical designers always have access to our prototype workshop equipped with, among other things, 3D printers, soldering stations, casting stations, pillar drills, pressure tanks, and more. All of these facilities are centrally located in Stockholm on Kungsholmen.

Electronic development

Analog and digital design are our home turf. We have extensive experience in developing products for medical technology companies, defence, and the defence industry, often with extreme requirements for performance and robustness. We are involved every step of the way, from feasibility studies to prototype development.

Combined with our long experience in developing systems with requirements for low power consumption, low noise, and special EMI/EMC requirements, this ensures solutions of the highest quality.