UVS 1300 Malen

The Swedish Armed Forces, defence industry, research institutes, and others have access to Malen as a UW platform for UW research, underwater measurements, calibration, and reference measurements of sonars and measurement systems. It can also serve as a platform for the evaluation of sensors and more.

Jörgen Juhlin

CEO EmbeddedArt Karlskrona
+4673 233 1556


Length: 10 meter
Width: 1,4 meter
Weight:10 000 kg

Normalt diving depth: 30 meter
Design depth: 100 meter
Crush depth: 500 meter

Crew: 2
Passenger: 2

Dive tanks: 2 trim tanks, 2 ballast tanks
Trim control: Hydraulic, keel weight 1500 kg

Navigation: Sonar, echo sounder, log, GPS, AIS, fluxgate compass, cameras

Propulsion: Electric (44+20 hk)
Battery capacity: 2160 Ah
Registration number: SFD-2188

Manufactured: 2006 in Sweden