Diving Technology Center

In our diving technology center, we have gathered competence and deeper knowledge about the design and development of diving technical products and systems. We are constantly looking ahead and have a good understanding of where technology stands, and where it is headed in the future. You can come to us if you need help with a deeper analysis or understanding of something in the diving technical field. In addition to us who work here, we have a collective network of specialists in a variety of fields. .

With us, you can get help with, among other things
  • Guidance and technology selection before the procurement of diving technical systems
  • Investigations and root cause analyzes of products and systems
  • Diving safety analyzes linked to construction
  • ILS and system security work
  • Preparation for grading
  • Training of technicians
  • and much more...
We promote a professional, future-proof, environmentally conscious and safe diving technical field and are therefore involved in several socially beneficial projects and working groups.
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