EmbeddedArt is a company with extensive technical expertise in underwater technology, including hydroacoustics, sensor systems, and electronics. By this, we mean that we possess both the theoretical and practical knowledge required to develop products and underwater systems.
We collaborate closely with universities and research institutes in the field of underwater technology and have a testing and proving platform in the form of our submarine, Malen.

David Wolff

Defence/Underwater tech
+4673 659 1617

Sonar and sensors

Sonars and UW sensors can be used for various applications, employing both passive and active hydrophones. In military contexts, it often involves detecting threats, while in civilian applications, it could be used for mapping the seabed, locating lost fishing gear, or serving as advanced drowning alarms. Developing sonar systems and other UV sensors is extremely complex, requiring extensive knowledge in hydroacoustics, sensor systems, signal processing, and electronics. EmbeddedArt is a leading expert in this field and has a sonar workshop centrally located in Stockholm.
Additionally, EmbeddedArt can assist with the verification of hydrophone systems, both in the lab and at sea.

Product development of UW-products

Developing underwater products and systems is challenging and requires both deep and broad knowledge. Understanding waterproofing, condensation issues, signal processing, and electronic development is essential. EmbeddedArt possesses this combination of expertise, and has developed UW products for both civilian and military customers.

Measurement of Ship Signatures and Self-Noise

By measuring and understanding a ship's signatures and self-noise, the navy can adapt tactics for the vessel or address any deficiencies. Operations are adjusted, and activities are initiated to reduce the ship's footprint. This is a natural aspect in military contexts but is also becoming increasingly important in civilian contexts to minimize impact on marine wildlife.
Olysses is an advanced analysis tool for hydroacoustic signals, utilized, for instance, in signature measurements and for the verification and validation of sensors. Olysses is developed and distributed by EmbeddedArt.