Information Overlay

For most of our cameras, it is possible to choose the option of having sensors built into the camera housing. In this way, the data from the sensors can be superimposed with other information and follow the video stream up to the surface.

Analogue SD cameras

For the analog cameras with a composite signal in their simplest form, the information from the sensors is superimposed directly on the video in the camera housing. This solution is simple and practical as no more cables down to the diver or extra boxes up on the surface are needed. Camera housing with overlay is then directly interchangeable in other analog systems on the market without additional investment.

If additional superimposed information is desired such as: logo, date, time, project name or similar, we handle it on the surface with control or recording boxes.

Digital SDI HD cameras

For the digital cameras with SDI HD signal, the sensor data is sent via its own communication conductors in the video cable up to the surface where the information is superimposed using an overlay unit. This unit can be used freestanding or built into a control box or fixed panel. This technology sends sensor data in cables that already exist for communication with the camera and has a greater degree of freedom and allows for much more information than simply overlaying sensor data. The technology can be manipulated and scaled to a large extent into unique customer solutions where the degree of freedom is large.

Sensors in the camera housing

When the option sensor camera is selected, the camera comes with the following sensors built into the camera body. This applies to both SD and SDI HD cameras.
  • Diving depth
  • Compass
  • Temperature

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