Video & Lighting Systems

We offer video & lighting systems for divers, vessels, fixed and portable facilities that need to visualize and document what is happening below the surface.
We help with selection of technology, development, adaptation and production of the right products and documentation. Our expertise lies primarily in comprehensive solutions for special and complete installations.

We have video and lighting systems from simpler analog technology up to digital HD cameras with fiber communication for long cables.

In addition to lights and cameras, we are good at underwater cabling, connectors, control units and control boxes, recording, information overlay, data collection and much more.

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Our offer

  • System design
  • Special solutions
  • Project planning
  • Product development
  • Customization
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Service and maintenance
  • System security work
  • Classification
  • Documentation
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  • d44-kmb
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  • interspiro-system
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  • kirby-system
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