End-to-End solutions

Something that we find particularly exciting and interesting are projects where we do the entire work from planning to prototype and series production, i.e. end-to-end solutions.

Over the years, we have acquired competence and experience in how complex projects should be implemented and administered. To support this, we have an integrated quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 where Product development is a separate process that controls how the project is to be carried out.

This means that we are surprisingly accurate when it comes to estimating time and resource use and thus costs. It also means that customers who prefer fixed price commitments can get it to an extent and at a cost that others find difficult to match. ​​​​​​​

We have the tools and systems needed for product development in-house, including a well-equipped electronics lab and a workshop.


  • Voice recording computer for recording voice communication on ships.

  • Drowning alarm for swimming pools/adventure pools.
  • Bluetooth LE unit.

  • Property automation - Hardware platform, graphical user interface for touch screen: Atmel ARM9, Linux, Qt, CAN, Ethernet and USB.

  • Hardware and software platform with motor control and graphic user interface for touch screen: Android, Cortex A8, Linux, GTK, USB, PIC processor, power management.

  • A number of qualified measurement and data collection systems in the defense area, both with in-house developed HW and/or COTS products.
  • puckny4004
  • sentag_newwristband4
  • 32ch-kanalers4
  • display-web2
  • attana12
  • ea1600-komplett2
  • myfid_48011
  • img_20180313_0937551

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