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Over the years, we have developed and produced countless variants of customer-specific measurement, analysis and data collection systems.
It is usually a question of complete systems in the sense that they consist of everything between sensor and presentation of data (GUI/HMI). This frequently includes sensor integration, i.e. the management of multi-sensor systems, development and implementation of signal processing algorithms in DSP or FPGA, and presentation of measurement and analysis results in a graphical user interface.

The ability and competence to produce that type of system at a reasonable cost and in the agreed time is something we like to highlight a little extra.
  • reg_dator1
  • 32ch-kanalers2
  • ea1600-komplett

FASTER echo repeater and sound source

The system consists of a marine unit with computer, batteries, GSM and transmitter and receiver units. Configuration, communication, control and data transfer takes place wirelessly from a land- or ship-based device via WLAN/WiFi. ​​​​​​​

A unique feature of FASTER is a very short delay between input and output signal, <2ms including real-time signal processing in MATLAB.

Other important technical data of note are 24-bit A/D, 192kHz sampling frequency, output power >400Wrms, 1-100kHz.

The FASTER system has been developed in collaboration with FOI - Swedish Defense Research Agency. ​​​​​​​

Areas of use:

  • Sound source for testing sonar systems
  • Target simulator for submarines when testing active and passive sonar systems
  • Target simulator for torpedo tests
  • Dummy goal
  • etc 

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