System Development

Everything from electronics construction and low-level software to HMI and cloud solutions
EmbeddedArt offers services in software and electronics development as well as mechanical construction for customer assignments or for projects that we carry out in our own premises. We have tools and systems in-house including a well-equipped electronics lab and workshop.

Embedded systems

Development of embedded systems an art in itself. The requirements are often very tough and demanding. Costs must be minimized while still providing sufficient performance and functionality. Everything in a size you don't think is possible and with a delivery time closer than you dare to think.
To be able to solve this type of problem requires extensive experience, know-how and, not least, innovation. And that is precisely the core of EmbeddedArt - the art of combining knowledge and experience in several fields. Add an understanding of our customers' operations and how the product will be used, and you have what it takes to successfully implement demanding projects.


The Internet of Things, or IoT as it is colloquially called, is getting hotter and is used almost everywhere. Being able to connect things, machines, dogs and everything possible has been possible for a long time, but now new technology offers completely different possibilities.

Significantly increased battery life, in some cases up to 10 years, as well as less complex hardware that saves on costs are the major advantages of the technologies for 4G/5G connectivity used today – LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT.

EmbeddedArt has developed a number of different IoT products for customers based on chips from Dialog, Sierra and Nordic Semiconductor, for example an intelligent tracking transmitter with GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy and motion recognition with a triaxial accelerometer. Additional functionality and more sensors for eg pressure, temperature and humidity can be added as needed. A lot of focus in the development work has been placed on maximizing battery life through the functions for power saving mode and sleep mode.


Software development is primarily focused on hardware-related applications, applications, signal processing and GUI/HMI. We at EmbeddedArt are well versed in handling the special requirements and environment that apply to embedded systems in terms of resources, performance and cost.

EmbeddedArt also has expertise and extensive experience in back-end solutions for administrative and financial systems. And with regard to the latter, it especially applies to payment solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

We have developed an AI algorithm to identify lost fishing gear on the bottom of the sea. The goal of the project was to develop a function that uses artificial intelligence to analyze sonar data (a picture of the bottom) and find fishing gear that both pollutes and contributes to unwanted catches (ghost fishing) in our seas.

The project was commissioned by the Marine Center in Simrishamn municipality and forms part of their work for a sustainable Baltic Sea fishery.


Analog and digital construction is our home track. We have worked for a long time with the development of products for medical technology companies, the defense and the defense industry with often extreme demands on performance and robustness. We are often involved all the way from pre-study to prototype development.

Together with long experience in the development of systems with requirements for low power consumption, low noise, special EMI/EMC requirements, it guarantees solutions of the highest quality.


EmbeddedArt helps you with the design of the entire product. The mechanical construction is often about both function and design. We have clever solutions for both industrial applications and more consumer-oriented applications. We have the skills and tools to make construction and material choices and collaborate with talented designers.


As part of EmbeddedArt's product development work, we often produce physical devices for control, testing or other purposes. In our workshop, we have the opportunity to produce machined parts, assemble electronics, cast underwater cabling and connectors, test print objects under supervision to a maximum of 600 m as a few examples.

Part of the workshop is also used for service and maintenance work as well as troubleshooting and repair.

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