Underwater Tech

With a unique competence and experience in UV technology with a focus on hydroacoustics and sensor technology, we develop and produce systems and products for the UV domain.

We deliver UV products and systems primarily to the defense sector, but it is really gratifying that we have also been able to use our UV expertise in civilian projects. The latest are systems that raise alarms in the event of drowning at swimming facilities, systems for finding lost fishing gear and systems for using AI algorithms to find fishing gear in recorded sonar data.


  • Hydroacoustic expertise
  • Design and construction of UV equipment and systems
  • Verification of sonars
  • Measurement of ship signatures
  • Verification of hydroacoustic sensors
  • Diving and submarine systems

Product Development

Design and production of equipment for the UV environment. Examples of systems we have developed:
  • Fixed and mobile underwater reconnaissance systems
  • Reusable solar buoys
  • Port monitoring system
  • Ship signature measurements
  • Calibrated UV sound source
  • Countless measurement and data collection systems

Diving tech products

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KAM Defence Services/Underwater Tech
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